• Service Calls are pre-packaged and include travel and labor; price is determined based off of Zip Code and Appointment time

  • Travel Time - is equated from our base of operations to your job-site and then back to our base of operations in Newnan, Georgia. 

  • Service Calls include up to 1.5 hours on site labor pre-paid in the package*.

  • Additional labor/time is $80 per hour​ and can typically be paid on-site with credit card or check

  • Weekend and AfterHours Service Calls have a larger prepaid minimum

  • After Hours rate is currently Time and a Half labor rate | with 3.5hr minimum

​Normal business hours; Monday-Friday 8am-5pm excluding holidays 

​Every Appointment comes standard with the customer option of an additional 2 hours on site

If you want to book ; book the Service Call appointment specific to your job site zip code + 6hr


​Example : GRAYmap Service Call for Wednesday ; customer thinks he wants reserve the Full Day maybe more;

​Posible Options 

​​     1.  Customer blocks off time required to guarantee he or she gets what they want via website ​
Service Call + 6hr = 7.5hrs labor prepaid
8am-5pm = about 9hrs on-site / we will stay longer if at all possible because 
completing the job in one trip is in everyones best interest. 

    2. If multiple days are needed we can accommodate manually once were on-site or manually via e-mail invoicing.

Book what you need, as much as you need when you need it.

these are "LIVE" real time events 

 Yes, there is a some risk of over payment.  We defer that risk back towards the customer.

Please refer to our cancellation/rescheduling policy below and at checkout for further details


​​Service calls are always paid for up front

Appointments must be cancelled 72 hours prior to appointment time for 90% refund

Appointments must  be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment time for a 25% refund

Zero (0) same-day cancellations or rescheduling

Trucks do not dispatch until payment process

The time meter doesn't start running until repair truck is on location and 

the time meter does't stop until final payment is made (if a final payment is necessary)

Términos del servicio.

Las llamadas de servicio siempre se pagan por adelantado

Las citas deben ser canceladas 72 horas antes de la hora de la cita para un reembolso del 90%

Las citas deben ser canceladas 24 horas antes de la hora de la cita para un reembolso del 25%

Cero (0) cancelaciones el mismo día o reprogramación

Los camiones no despachan hasta el proceso de pago

El medidor de tiempo no empieza a funcionar hasta que el camión de reparación esté en

El contador de tiempo no se detiene hasta que se haga el pago final (si es necesario un pago final)

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